What we Offer
Offers an open, cloud-native, turnkey analytics solution built on stringent security certified services:

API Based

Propellant’s API is a secure, “RESTful” application programming interface for managing and fetching data through the Propellant platform. API access allows in-depth, programatic analytics at scale, enabling comprehensive understanding of your data. Queries, reports and business actions can also be created and run from the API.

Suited to: Traders; Quants; Data scientists

BI Platform (web browser-based application)

Propellant offers dashboards, graphing and other data visualisation tools, with configurable data-based actions.

Suited to: Traders; eCommerce teams; Market Structure teams

Built on ISO27001 Certified Services

ISO27001 is an international standard on how to manage information security. With ISO27001 Certified Services at our core, you can be sure safeguards are in place, offering the highest level of data protection.

Individual Pod model

Each Propellant client has its own instance of the Propellant cloud-based software running in a completely segregated, dedicated, client ‘Pod’. This ensures client data is stored and managed just for that client, completely separated from other clients data.

Our solution is empowering better decision-making across the financial ecosystem.  We are serving:

Global, Regional and Local banks

Asset Managers

Hedge Funds

Family Offices




Our Technology offers an open, cloud-native, turnkey analytics solution. By running in the cloud, clients have no deployment, maintenance or configuration to do. Best in class, scalable, cloud-based processing and storage means a quickly available and complete dataset for users to analyse. Web based and API access with the highest levels of security deliver a seamless user experience.



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